I want to get more into reading! I hope having a little page dedicated to it will help motivate me a little more.
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A Certain Smile - Françoise Sagan

Ch 16/16 - Rating: 7/10 Started: 20/03/24 - Finished: 20/03/24

Read Summary for A Certain Smile (May Contain Spoilers)
My dad gifted this book for me to read (as well as two others, which I'll add here once I've read them) and I feel so conflicted about this book. The main character, Dominique, is not a very good person? At least, while reading it, her actions were entertaining enough. However, my main thought, through the entire book, was "Man, this would be so much more interesting if instead of Dominique lusting over this random skinny guy, if instead, she went for Françoise." (For context, Françoise was the wife of the man she was having an affair with.) Maybe I'm just biased because I'm a woman kisser, but Dominique continuously described Françoise's figure and her kindness and every time she did I just wanted to grab Dominique and be like "girl!! Go kiss her!!". Anyway, it was an entertaining read, even if it was something I wouldn't have picked out for myself.

Dungeon Meshi - Ryoko Kui

Ch 97/97 - Rating: 10/10 Started: 05/04/24 - Finished: 12/04/24

Read Summary for Dungeon Meshi (May Contain Spoilers)
I binge read pretty much all of this in one sitting (Fun fact: It takes about 8 or so hours to do so!). (Also, I think I read the first 7 or so chapters on a different day?)
I really enjoyed every moment of this. All the art is gorgeous and the writing is really heartwarming. The ending quote, "To live is to eat!" I think is really going to stick with me forever. I love how so much of Dunmeshi is about taking care of yourself. It's really inspired me to be more concious about my body and to actually take care of it (like exercising and eating better meals). I think the idea of taking care of yourself and extending your lifespan to enjoy more time with your friends is really sweet, too. I love how at the end they accepted that Falin might be dead forever, and that they were okay with it (even if she ends up being okay). I don't know, just so much of Dunmeshi is really wholesome, but not in a pedantic way. You should take care of yourself for not only your friends, but for you too! To eat yummy meals! To live is to eat!

Currently Reading

Chainsaw Man - Tatsuki Fujimoto

Ch 162/Ongoing - Rating: 6/10 Started: 06/02/23

Read Summary for Chainsaw Man (May Contain Spoilers)
It's a fun read, but I really enjoyed arc 1 much more over arc 2. I feel arc 2 has been very slow, which while it works for the story that's being told, it's just not my thing. Regardless of how I feel about the story, I still like reading the new chapter every Tuesday!
Update (20/03/24): I kinda feel like the story has lost me. I feel really confused to whatever's going on, and I feel like new characters are just appearing out of nowhere? I'm still going to continue to read it, but maybe I just don't have that great of reading comprehension or something. I always end a chapter with the same thought: "What just happened? Huh?" Anyway, dropped it to just a 6/10. Arc 1 is still amazing, and while I really like Asa, I wish this arc just had more focus.

Laika's Comet - fourleafisland

Ch 8/Ongoing - Rating: 10/10 Started: 23/12/23

Read Summary for Laika's Comet (May Contain Spoilers)
GO READ LAIKA'S COMET It's such a cute story!! I love the characters and I love their designs so much and the story is coming along to be SO interesting!! I think my favourite character is Mars, they're so silly and cute!! I can't wait to see more story beats be revealed.

Devil's Candy - Bikkuri

Ch 3/Ongoing - Rating: 8/10 Started: 26/02/24

Read Summary for Devil's Candy (May Contain Spoilers)
My friend gifted this to me! I've only read the first chapter so I'm not going to rate it just yet. But I've really enjoyed it so far, it reminds me a lot of RWBY! It's really cute, and the character designs are wonderful!
Update (20/03/24): Finished reading the first volume. I really enjoyed it, it still really reminds me of RWBY! My thoughts have stayed the same, honestly. (I almost just wrote a 1-to-1 copy of my previous statement, so...)

Want To Read

  • Stone Butch Blues
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Toki Pona edition)