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Hello! Welcome to my silly little website!! ♪(´▽`)

I'm known as nonkiru, and it's nice to meet you! :3
I hope you enjoy exploring my site; you can do so with the navigation menu or with my sitemap!!


29th February 2024
Art added to 2024 gallery!

28th February 2024
Updated the About page.
Updated the Home page with status.cafe. (I also updated the css for that page, if you wanna have a look!)
Updated Reading because I forgot to add Laika's Comet to the list. Oops!

26th February 2024
Edited the sidebar to be a little easier to add new links to. The images were cute, but unfortunately not very sustainable in the long-term!
Added page Reading.
Added Javascript to the mobile menu - should be much nicer to browse.

17th February 2024
Fixed the inconsistent capitalisation sitewide, at least I think I did? Either way, it was really really bothering me.
Art added to 2024 gallery!
Also some other minor changes.

15th February 2024
Art added to 2024 gallery!

11th February 2024
New blog post: A Simple Site.

7th February 2024
Art added to 2024 gallery!

28th January 2024
Art added to 2024 gallery!

19th January 2024
New blog post: Installing Linux!

11th January 2024
Art added to 2024 gallery!

7th January 2024
Art added to 2024 gallery!

5th January 2024
Image optimisation site-wide!

4th January 2024
Art added to 2024 gallery, joined furryring!

2nd January 2024
Tiny update! 3 new portraits to 2024 gallery and some badges added to my ocs!

1st January 2024
Tiny updates! fixed cheesecake and added my toyhouse to links!
Update 2: added 2024 gallery with two new pieces of artwork!

30th December 2023
Layout is done! ...mostly. I wanna do a revamp of a few pages, iron out a few issues; etc! Anyway I hope you all like it as much as I do :3

26th December 2023
Started work on nonkiru version silly! I've been doing a lot of style experimentation, specifically with my art style! I think it looks really cute and pretty! Unfortunately I'm an extreme people-pleaser, so I always worry and hope that other people like my work too... so in saying that, I hope you like this new layout!! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

To-Do List

  • Add Status.Cafe back to the main page
  • Allow blog post preview to be longer
  • About page revamp
  • OCs layout
  • Set dark/light theme to user preference
  • Take a big nap

Status Cafe

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11 Feburary 2024

Over my years on the indie web, a common criticism I've seen is about websites that only exist for the "aesthetic": basically sites that have little content other than looking pretty. I've seen so much disdain for these sorts of sites, and I find it really quite silly.

My question to this critique is: Why are simple sites like these a problem? Personally, I don't see an issue with them at all!

I find that a lot of the people who have had this critique in the past use it as a way to downplay the effort that others put into their websites. Sure, seeing another pink and sanrio-themed site may get old after the 10th time, but someone still put effort into it. It still looks pretty. It still made someone happy to create. Or another Y2K website with a similar layout to all the other ones - but do you blame people for being inspired by Y2K designs? They look good! [1] This even applies to common traits you see in a lot of Neocities sites. Such as similar font choices (MS Gothic especially) or graphics (I see a lot from FOOL LOVERS) or even page layouts and design choices.

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