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A picture of me. Art by nonkiru.
12th September 2002 (I'm 21 years old)
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Emma | 21 | They/Them

Hello! Thank you so much for checking out my website, and thank you even more for checking out my about me! My username online is nonkiru, but my actual name is Emma! I live in very rural Australia. It's nice to meet you, internet adventurer.

I have this little ramble on every interation of my site, so here is it again. I think my favourite thing about the indie web is the idea of someone stumbling onto this many years into the future. I hope the future is a kind and happy place. But if it isn't, I hope my little website brings you some joy!

My hobbies include art, coding, gaming and sewing. I also love playing Tabletop RPGs with my friends! My favourite game is Final Fantasy XIV. (I'm Myuri Nohn, on Tonberry! If you see me, say hi!) I'm also a freelance artist as my work. I do lots of art commissions!

My favourite things include...

  • Vocaloid Music and Producers
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Animal Crossing
  • Art & Coding
  • My OCs
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Q. How did you learn to make a website?
A. To be honest, I think it started around 2014 with DeviantART and being able to edit your profile boxes on there. It's really hard for me to pinpoint what actually helped me learn - I think it was mostly repetition. In saying that, though, if you want to learn how to make one, feel free to reach out and I'll provide any tips I can!

Q. Can I use your website as a base?
A. My website is not a base. I would prefer that you use it as inspiration! Copying is an act of love. Please copy.
However: If you use anything, especially artwork, please credit me, nonkiru!
I'd also ask that you don't use art of my fursona; just because that's me, and I think that'd be really weird?

Q. What programs do you use to make things?
A. I use Visual Studio Code for coding, Clip Studio Paint for illustrations, and Aseprite for pixel art.

Q. How long have you been drawing for? Can you teach me?
A. For as long as I can remember. I started posting my art online when I was about 9-ish, so you could say I've been an artist for about 11+ years now! I've never gone for school for art, though. I'm 100% self taught!

In terms of teaching someone... I can't offer 1-on-1 advice, but I can give you some vague tips!

  • Your art will look bad before it's finished. Work through it!
  • Your art will never be 100% finished. Get it to about 90% and call it finished; anything else is nitpicking and a waste of time.
  • The best way to learn how to draw something is to draw it over and over again!
  • Tracing can actually be a really good way of learning something; just don't trace other's artwork! (And if you do, don't post it online.)
  • Anatomy is important, but don't feel like you need perfect anatomy 100% of the time.
  • Remember to draw things you actually enjoy!
  • Being successful as an artist is extremely difficult but very rewarding. Never give up!

Q. Can I repost your art?
A. No, unless you meet certain conditions:

  1. You commissioned this artwork. If you did, please repost with credit.
  2. You have been granted permission from me.

I'd also ask you don't use any commissioned art without permission from the commissioner.
You can use my fandom artwork as a profile picture with credit.
Anything on my F2U Resources page is free to use!

Q. Can I draw your characters?
A. YES PLEASE!! I'll love you forever. My DMs on social media are forever closed, so please email me with your art!
Or, you can comment it on my Neocities profile!

Q. Are you LGBTQIA+ or Queer?
A. Yes! You can probably tell by the lesbian cursor trail that I identify as a lesbian. For my gender though... um, I like kissing women?
(I would probably say non-binary is close enough.)

Q. Are you a furry?
A. Sure! I'm not involved with the community at all though. I just think furry designs are so much more fun than people designs!


I have a fursona because I think they're really fun and silly. I also think that, generally, furry designs tend to be a bit more fun than human designs.

The floating pixel pagedoll is my fursona too! Their name is Non and they are a housecat, based vaguely off of a Ragdoll / Burmese. I also get to live vicariously through them, since one day I really want to wear Lolita fashion!

This is their reference sheet!
You're welcome to draw them, and I will love you forever if you do! A reference sheet for the site owner's fursona. Text reads: Non, They/Them. Notes: They are fat, please draw them fat!! They are a cat. :3
I also have a Toyhouse page for them.