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Hello, and thank you for stopping by my little website on the world wide web! I'm an artist who lives in Australia. It's nice to meet you, internet traveler!

I've always admired the indie web! I wanted to make my own little site too. I think the idea of how this site could be stumbled upon many years in the future is really neat! I hope the future is a nice place to you, but if it isn't, I hope my funny little site can cheer you up!

My hobbies include gaming, art, and coding. I've also been getting into sewing and journalling! My favourite game is Final Fantasy XIV. I do freelance digital art as work.

A list of my favourite things:

  • Vocaloid music & producers
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • My Little Pony
  • Touhou
  • Animal Crossing
  • Art
  • Coding
  • My OCs

My Fursona

I have a fursona because I think they're really fun and silly. I also think that, generally, furry designs tend to be a bit more fun than human designs.

You can check their Toyhouse page here! If you draw them I'll love you forever. I'm meaning to draw a more updated reference sheet, so I'll have it here once that's done. (Though honestly, it's just an outfit change.)

Site Stuff

This site was created by me by hand! For further details, though:


Inspired by the page of the same name by Frills!
This is a small list of all the stuff I'm working on at the moment!

Updated: 28th February 2024


  • FFXIV Tribal Quests. (currently focusing on Loporrits.)
  • At least 1 scribble or doodle a day.


  • Working away at a Live2d model.
  • Trying to do at least 1 art piece per week that's personal and not work related.
  • FFXIV statics (UWU & UCOB).
  • FFXIV weekly activities.
  • Currently reading Devil's Candy!


  • Currently working on a big FFXIV to-do-list before Dawntrail later this year. This includes catching all the A Realm Reborn big fish, finishing all Tribe Quests, finishing my Bozja Notes, my Endwalker Triple Triad collection, and the few Blue Mage spells I'm missing.
  • Set up streaming.
  • Doing more reading: starting small, I want to finish at least 1 manga volume a month.


  • Maybe finally see my partner in person.
  • Or my online friends in person, too.