20 November 2023

Hi friends! I was really in the mood to write, but I wasn't too sure what to write... so I wanted to write about my week! I think it would be fun if I could make this weekly, or maybe even monthly... or just when I feel like it, I suppose! Besides, I need more stuff to write about.

Minecraft by Myself, and with my Girlfriend

By Myself

I've still been working on my Minecraft world! It's been going great; my last blog post left off on day 30, and now I'm all the way at day 100!

To continue where I left off...

Minecraft screenshot 1. A bunch of Allay in a house.

First, I put all the Allay in my storage house.

Minecraft screenshot 2. A bunch of Allay in a basement.

I had set up an automatic system to keep them in the basement. I used redstone and I made a ticking clock connected to a noteblock, where every second or so it'd play a noise, and they would deliver an item to it over and over again.

However, I forgot about the fact that noteblocks make a lot of noise... and you can hear it from really far away... It wasn't working and the constant noise was very annoying! I decided, instead, to make a little Allay sanctuary!

Minecraft screenshot 3. A bunch of Allay in a sanctuary. Minecraft screenshot 4. An Allay sanctuary.

It's not perfect, but it's cute.

I don't want to spend this whole blog post on Minecraft, so to summarise...

I went over 1000 blocks in the ocean and found nothing but a Mushroom island. I had to search over 5000 blocks for a cherry blossom biome.

Minecraft screenshot 5. Remains of Minecraft animals.

I returned home to all the animals (except for one pig) mysteriously dead...

...Because Goats were jumping into the pen, and then ramming into the animals, killing them.

I got lost in the Nether for 5 in-game days. I also found the End portal, but I'm saving that for when I'm totally ready!

Minecraft screenshot 6. A cat, named Gemmie.

I found a cat in a cave under a new base I was planning, and I named him Gemmie!

Minecraft screenshot 7. A new home.

My new home, that took about 5 hours to finish! I'm very proud of it. This a screenshot from day 100, too!

I would ramble further about my adventures, but I have more stuff I want to ramble about!

With my Girlfriend

I wanted to play Minecraft with my girlfriend, Zombiejynx. She wanted a skin of her fursona, so I made one for her!

Here's the house we made. We're currently on Day 9!

Minecraft screenshot 8. A home built in Minecraft. Minecraft screenshot 9. Two players pose in Minecraft.

Being Proud of my Vtuber Children

My dearest friend, and dearest son, Edwin Lawrencia had a tweet suddenly blow up on Twitter and he's gotten a massive outpouring of love and follows from it! I'm extremely happy for his success, and I hope he continues to find joy in his craft!

I was the one who made his model & rig, and I've also been working on some other assets for him. He should also be at affiliate now (once Twitch like, handles it) so I'll need to make some emotes, too!

Here's some images and stuff!

Edwin image 1. A key image of his model.

Here's his key art! I'm really proud of his design, I think it's quite stylish.

Edwin image 2. A schedule.

And a little schedule graphic! His main colours, I feel, are becoming more blue over time.

Anyway, I'm super proud of him. He's live as I write this and he has currently like 20 viewers... I hope he continues to grow!

I've also been working on some other Vtuber models, too! Here's the art I did for Leucothea.

Leucothea image 1. A key image of her model.

I can't wait to see her debut, and I wish her all the luck in the world!

I'm also working on another Live2d art right now, but I don't believe I'm allowed to share it just yet.

FFXIV, Savage and Ultimates

We got a clear last week with all 8 of us, as the week before was with a sub. FFXIV image 1. A group pose of 8 people celebrating.

It was fun, but I won't lie, I'm actually looking so much more forward to UWU... which we started doing! When we finish reclears for the week, we do UWU on our remaining days. It's been super fun, and I'm really happy that I'm tackling it again. After about 2 sessions, we're already almost done with Ifrit. I'm shocked at how much I innately remembered despite it being years since I touched it!


AAAAAAAAH Lancer is so much fun! My girlfriend does a wonderful job of DMing and all of our players are great and every Sunday is so exciting!! Some information was revealed about one of the main villains and it's been swirling in my mind since. I also did a little design update of my character! Lancer image. A Lancer OC with a red scarf sitting on a box.

Aren't they cute? With each chapter design (of 3 total) I want them to look just a little bit older. I think the big sleeves help. Also, the little bag there holds a mysterious mechanical orb they found, nicknamed "Hope"! I think the matching red ribbon to Billie's scarf is really cute. (Also Billie made that bag themselves, but don't tell anyone!)


Anyway, that was most of last week. It's been pretty good!

My hands hurt from typing now so I'm gonna stop. Thanks for reading, and I love you!

- nonkiru