What is Wizard101?

Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game developed in 2008 by KingsIsle Entertainment! In the game, you create your own Wizard who completes quests around the Spiral.
The game features hundreds of spells to learn and use, and has fun and suprisingly intricate combat - especially for a kid's game!

You start the game by making your own Wizard and picking one of the 7 schools!

The Schools of Wizard101


“That which can be imagined, can be achieved.”

Storm as a School focuses on doing lots of damage. However, their damage comes at cost: most of your spell cards have a 25% chance to fizzle(which means the spell fails)!
Most of their spells focus on lightning-aspected creatures, and the ocean.
Some of their most popular spells are Tempest, Triton, and Lightning Bugs!
Storm Wizards are known as Diviners.


“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.”

Fire Wizards focus on damage over time (DOT) spells; this means, when you hit, the enemy will continue to take damage over a few rounds.
Fire spells are usually mythical creatures that are related to fire - like dragons or hellhounds - or are related to the desert!
Fire Wizards are known as Pyromancers.


“. . . with Persistence, Victory is assured.”

Ice Wizards are super tanky with lots of HP and resist! Their spells focus on reducing player damage with shields.
Ice spells are typically winter or Norse themed, like Ice Giant!
Ice Wizards are known as Thaumaturges.


"As we have been Created, so must we Create."

Life Wizards are the healers in the game! As such, their spells focus on healing their party members. Life wizards have the lowest damage, but the highest accuracy.
You could say Life is similar to a druid. Their spells are nature-themed, like Dryad or Satyr.
Life Wizards are known as Theurgists.


“To control the Future, one must look to the Past.”

Myth Wizards focus on minions, and have the third highest damage.
Myth spells are based off of mythology and legend - like Athena or Medusa!
Myth Wizards are known as Conjurers.


“Timor mortis conturbat me.”

Death are a support School. Unlike Life or Balance, Death have many tools at their disposal. They can hurt themselves to help others (like giving a Blade or healing), or they can put DOTs on the enemy to harm them.
Death spells are based on the spooky and dead! Like Ghoul, or Banshee.
Death Wizards are known as Necromancers.


“Eye of Newt, and Toe of Frog, Wool of Bat, and Tongue of Dog.”

Balance Wizards are support Wizards! They have tools to help their friends, like giving them Blades or healing them!
Balance spells reference the desert and Egyptian mythology, like Whirlwind or Scarab.
Balance Wizards are known as Sorcerers.

Me and Wizard101

I've been a really big fan of Wizard101 ever since...I want to say around 2012~2015!
I love the combat dearly, and there's obviously that nostalgia for the game, too.

The voice acting in Wizard101 is also really charming - it keeps the game fun and fresh!
Especially when combat takes forever as a solo Life Wizard(help me)...

The extracular activites are really fun too, like Pets and Gardening!

You can play the game for free here! (Though you really need a membership to get far, the paywall is super early on!)

Credits & Final Notes

Background & little star graphics are from Fool Lovers
School quotes are from the Wizard101 Magic Lore page
I coded this page myself!

If you have any questions or need to contact me, you can at nonkiru@gmail.com!

I am not affiliated with Wizard101 or Kingsisle Entertainment, nor do I claim to own Wizard101 or any of it's properties! This is just a silly fan page, made with love.