˚₊‧✩⠀Happy  Valentine's  Day!⠀✩‧₊˚

Valentine's  Day  2023  Manga


I wrote & drew this manga for my girlfriend, Mary!

The two characters in the manga, Jupiter and Molly, are our Lancer TTRPG characters.
If you're interested, you can read about Jupiter here!

This is my first time drawing a manga in a very long time, but I'm really proud of it. I hope you enjoy reading!
Keep in mind to read this right to left, like traditional manga.

Page 1. Molly, the girl with black hair, waves to Jupiter. 
            She says 'Hey, Jupiter! I didn't keep you waiting, did I?'
            Jupiter responds, saying 'Heh, hey Molly. Nah, you didn't take that long. I can't
            pick what to watch, anyway.'
Page 2. Molly says to Jupiter 'That's ok! I'll pick.'
            She continues, 'You cool with anything?'
            And Jupiter replies 'Tch. Whatever is fine.'
            Molly uses Jupiter's laptop to watch a movie.
Page 3. Time passes, and the movie finishes.
            Jupiter is resting their head on Molly, and says 'Hey...'
Page 4. Jupiter, awkwardly, scratches the back of their head.
            'Sorry if that date was kinda lame... Wish we could've done something
            Molly begins to crack up at them.
Page 5. Molly bursts into laughter, and Jupiter is a little
Page 6. Molly, tears in her eyes, says 'I-I'm sorry for laughing!'
            Jupiter grumbles 'I'm being serious!' and Molly responds,
            'Oh, Jupiter...' and then places a hand to their cheek.
Page 7. Molly says to Jupiter 'I didn't think the date was lame at all!
            It's nice to just hang out with you... y'know?'
            Molly gives Jupiter a smile, and Jupiter pouts. 'Tch. Well, I already
            knew that. I already knew the date was cool.'
Page 8. Molly hugs Jupiter, before gently pulling them onto the bed.
            Molly sits on top of Jupiter, and says 'I love you, Jupiter.'
Page 9. Jupiter looks up at Molly, and says 'I love you too, Molly'
            The two then kiss, and the manga ends.
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Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my manga. I loved making it!