A drawing of the creator, in the Touhou Project style.

Touhou Project

What is Touhou Project?

Touhou Project (東方Project) is a bullet hell game created by Zun!

As of 2022, Touhou Project is 25 years old!
Touhou Project is most well known for the very large cast of characters - most of which are women!
It is also very well known for it's beautiful soundtrack!

Me & Touhou Project

I have been a Touhou fan for an extremely long time! I can't remember what got me into Touhou Project;
I have a feeling it could have been Walfas, which my friend introduced me to.
I would have been around 9~11 years old, in that case.

My favourite part of Touhou Project are the characters!
I really love reading their backstories and listening to their themes.

It's also really fun to make Touhou OCs! While I have a lot of them; they're mostly from when I was a kid.

Also, you should look at my Yuyuko Fumo.
A plushie of the Touhou Project character Yuyuko Saigyouji.
My girlfriend gifted her to me for my 20th birthday! Isn't she so silly?
She (the fumo, not my girlfriend) spends most of her time flopped over. Her head is too heavy.
Yes, Yuyuko is my favourite character. How could you tell?


Background from The Spriters Resource
Favicon from Touhou Wiki
Cursor from here
Sprite gifs from here
I drew the pagedoll, it's based off of my persona! (If you're on mobile, you probably can't see it - sorry!)

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