˚₊‧✩⠀Read  the  terms!!⠀✩‧₊˚


The commissioned art is for personal use only unless otherwise specified.

No profit can be made off of my art.
This includes, but not limited to:
RedBubble, NFTs, reprinting for profit, reselling.

You can use my art for any personal use;
Such as avatars or printing for yourself.
You can reupload your commissioned art, but you must credit me.

Refunds  &  Payment

I take payment 100% upfront, though I am willing to dicsuss a payment plan if needed!

Work on the commission wont start until payment in full.

Once paid for, you understand that you cannot refund your commission for any reason or under any circumstance.
Commissions will only be refunded if I (nonkiru) cannot complete them.

Please make certain you have funds to cover not only the commission, but your livelihood.

Commercial  Use

If you plan to use my art for the following, then you must pay the commercial use fee.
• Generate Revenue
• Use in a paid product (game, book cover, merchandise, logo etc.)
• Use in a paid/sponsored stream or video

You do not need to pay the commercial fee if:
• You want to use my art for an avatar, a banner, or if you want to print it out for yourself.
• You want to reupload your commission (please link back to me, though!)
• You do not make profit off of my art
• Use in a stream - as long as the revenue is coming from you, not my art

Content  of  your  commission

Will Draw Won't Draw
Any body types (fat, muscle, etc.) NSFW
Furry/Anthro/Any animal features Shocking/Upsetting Content
POC/any skin tone Hate speech

If you're unsure of if I'll draw it or not - please ask!
I will draw almost any commission I get as long as it isn't under "Won't Draw".

Final  note

Invoices will be sent out via Square only, not PayPal or any other service.

The client acknowledges that they are paying for a service (drawing of a custom artwork), not a physical item, when they pay the commission.
The completed artwork will be sent to the client within the timeline set with the client at the time of ordering.

I reserve the right to decline any commission request.

Upon commissioning me you automatically agree to the terms of service.

Please contact me if you have any questions!