Pokémon Silly Version

Trainer Emma challenges you to battle!

A drawing of the creator, in the Pokemon trainer style.
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I've been a Pokémon fan ever since I was really little!
My first Pokémon game was Black, and I fell in love instantly! I couldn't tell you what my first starter was - I would continously restart my game for fun, but I did manage to beat it once!

My game order has been:
BlackWhite 2YOmega RubySunShieldScarlet
I've also played through Pokémon Conquest, which is extremely fun!

I have too many favourite Pokémon to count, but I'd say my favourites would be:
JigglypuffPsyduckDratini BlisseyPlusleMinun SwabluChimechoAbsol ChinglingAudino CubchooSylveon GoodraDiancieCutiefly MorelullStuffulMimikyu Hattrem
I am also a big fan of Tinkaton, but she doesn't have a pixel sprite!

I think my favourite game story wise would be Black/White, but I think Scarlet/Violet is more fun!
My dream Pokémon game would be one that's uber fun and has super cute clothes! ...and Pokémon-Amie.

I own some Pokémon merchandise, but the only really significant one is my Psyduck plushie. I want more.

Fun fact, the first Pokémon I ever saw was Minun!
I had a little plastic one from a McDonalds toy when I was really little.

Background credit
I made the trainer pixel myself!