ID verified against Union records // Plagirisim of this ID is punishable under DoJ/HR A-645-c

My fingers curl at the keyboard. I know what I am doing is wrong. I know what I am doing is morally reprehensible. But I can't stop - no, not when we're so close to perfection.
My colleagues stare right through me. I stare through them back. They only remember my name when they read my name tag, or if I am of use to them. I too, remember the same.
I wonder what my actions have rippled on to. I wonder if something I have done has lead onto any good in this world.

Probably not.

Not in this shithole, anwyay.

I almost miss the times I'd spend in the Horus Terminal. Even if the people there weren't great - they were at least honest, real people.
You could tell with all the little comments they'd put into their code.
Comments aren't allowed in this code. Anything tracing back to me - no, anything human, isn't allowed. The exsistence of this isn't allowed.
And yet, I continue to write.


I don't know. There's not much else for me to say, is there?

Nothing important, anyway.

Nothing that should, hopefully, trace back to me.
And if this does, then...
Well, I guess this would be my final message.
A shame that it isn't something more noteworthy.
Or at least, interesting.

I guess it doesn't matter that much.

Well, whatever.

// CODE :: END