ID verified against Union records // Plagirisim of this ID is punishable under DoJ/HR A-645-c

Pilot Appearance

Name :: Jupiter Galileo

Callsign :: JG

Gender :: X

Height/Weight :: 173 CM/67 KG

Physical Features :: Persons natural eye colour is red. Right eye is blue due to subjectivity-enhancement suite. Hair is naturally an ashy blonde. Their face is primarily angular. Skin is pale and thin.

Pilot Biography

Jupiter was born on a space station orbiting Jupiter, one of the gas giants in Cradle's solar system. Their parents were two scientists on board, who's life was dedicated to further research on sustaining life on gas giants.

To Jupiter, however, the conditions of their birth and family is something they care little about. Their parents disowned Jupiter upon their transition, and so, they cut ties completely.

Jupiter honed their skills as a programmer, and became extremely skilled in it. They found joy in stalking the HORUS Terminal, and thought that decoding whatever crap that was spit into it was... suprisingly enjoyable.

While it'd be difficult for Jupiter to admit; they did pick up many skills from their parents. Skills that would make someone a talented Scientist.

Jupiter finds their memory to be foggy of the following events. They, at some point, were employed by GALSIM. They are no longer employed by GALSIM. They hardly remember being employed by GALSIM.

Jupiter fled to the planet Veldrynn, and joined the Argus Pioneers.

Upon their first encounter with the Cosmic Raiders, their memory was jogged - but only somewhat. Among their enemies was a Gorgon - the mere exsistence of it reminded them of something that Jupiter had personally worked on; the Basilisk.