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March 08th 2023

I made curry today. I know that doesn't sound very special, but I never, ever cook. Especially not for my family!
I'm really proud of myself, my parents loved my curry. It was Japanese Curry specifically, I used the ゴールデンカレー brand.

A picture of vegetables.
I used these for the vegetables. There's 4 potatoes, 2 carrots, and one zucchini from the garden.
I didn't want to originally use chicken, but my Dad convinced me to. (Spoiler alert: It was a very good idea.)

I don't have images for this bit, but my Dad cut up the chicken and cooked it for me. Otherwise, I did everything else! I peeled & cut the vegetables, and also stood over the stove for 2 hours. (Okay, it was more like 30 minutes of stove time...)

Anyway, it didn't go too excitingly. At one point, the top to the pot was bubbling and that spooked me, but that's all really.

A picture of three bowls of Japanese Curry.
Here's the three bowls I made, though there's two off screen for leftovers. If you look in the background, you can see my cat, Pebbles!!

It made me really happy to cook for my family, and they really loved my curry and it makes me proud to say that I've made something yummy! They even went for seconds!

A picture of a bowl of Japanese Curry.
On a smaller note, I also got my Sanrio Crocs Jibbitz. They're very cute, but I really hurt my fingers trying to put them in. My index finger nail (right hand) specifically really hurts...

A picture of Crocs.
But don't they look SO cute?
A distant family friend (I think third cousin?) complimented me at the shops today, too. She called me beautiful, and it made me happy!

I also roleplayed with my girlfriend today - our Chainsaw Man OCs. Some really cool stuff happened and was revealed and it's currently swirling around in my head.
Anyway, thank you for reading. Today made me really, really happy. The curry has warmed my heart. I love you, and stay safe! <3

Janurary 27th 2023

I hung out with my friends yesterday! We had a picnic were we drew art together.
My friends picked me up and then we went to the local IGA to grab some snacks!

A picture of a sign that reads Knot Roll.

I thought this sign was funny. We then headed to the Dome (It's a cafe chain here) and then to the park!

A picture of a picnic. A picture of a sketch drawn onto canvas.

It was a really hot day and me, being super intellgient, did not bring sunscreen. I have paid dearly for that today.

A picture of a finished painting.

I know my painting isn't perfect, there's stuff that I'd change but the memories of painting it are more important to me! It was fun to do traditional art again.

Anyway, that was mostly it for the day. I just had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends! We're planning to hang out again soon and hopefully my sunburn has healed a little since.

I think for the rest of the day I'm gonna work on website stuff. Thanks for reading, and have a silly and fun day!

december 12th 2022

I made my very first real project today!

A picture of a drawstring bag. It has a pink, floral fabric.

I'm extremely proud of it! It's a very simple drawstring bag - I'm using it to hold my sewing stuff for the time being. I can't say exactly how long it took to make, maybe 2 hours-ish? Most of that was spent trying to set up my new iron, which I got today. (It's my first time using an iron it's really scary)

Honestly, for a first project it was really simple and fun to make! I want to make even more bags now - I have an idea for one in mind that I'm really excited to try and make!

Anyway, that's it for today! Have a happy and silly day! ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝

december 10th 2022

Yesterday was really amazing! I've been wanting to get into sewing since forever ago, so I decided to get into hand stitching.

Where I live there really isn't a sewing/craft shop, so the second hand place is the only way to really get anything.
However, when we went, there was a sewing machine! It had just arrived the same day that we went - appraised and everything! It was originally $50 but my dad haggled it to $45. I bought a few spare fabrics, and we visited another store to get a few other things.

A picture of a sewing machine.

This is the machine! It's a Pfaff Creative 1467. I haven't used a sewing machine since Year 8 home ec so it took a while to get used to.

I practiced a few stitches but I really wanted to try to make something, even if it wasn't super amazing.

A hand-sewn pouch.

So, I made this tiny little pouch! Isn't it cute? ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶
I wasn't following a pattern or a tutorial or anything, it was really me just following intuition and recalling sewing tutorials I've seen.

It also isn't perfect... I um. I don't have fabric scissors. I'm still really proud of it!

Either way, yesterday was really amazing! I really wanna try making a drawstring bag next. I just need proper fabric!!
Thanks for reading, and have a happy, silly day!! (๑>◡<๑)

november 28th 2022

Today has been an amazing day! I got accepted into my first webring and I finished the entire Pokédex in Pokémon Scarlet!

Finishing the Pokédex in any mainline Pokémon game has been a life-long goal ever since I was like 10 and I've finally done it!!
I'm really excited to go shiny hunting. Maybe I'll actually go finish the post-game now, too.
I feel so fulfilled!! It was so much fun catching all the Pokémon in SV ૮(˶˃ᆺ˂˶)ა

The diploma for completing the Pokédex in Pokémon Scarlet.

I think my goal now in Pokémon Scarlet will be to catch some shinies I've wanted since I was a kid!!
Looking at you, Swablu...

Today has been so amazing I am so happy!!
Thank you for reading, have a happy, silly day!