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holy heck it's nonkiru!!
Hello! Thank you so much for checking out my little webpage!!

I love surfing the web, and the excitement of finding someone's creation.

I also love the idea of someone finding this website years into the future!
If you're a future person, I hope it's a happy place.

If it isn't, then I hope this silly little website of mine gives you some joy!
My hobbies include art, coding and 日本語!
In fact, I coded the majority of this site from scratch!! Seriously, if you're thinking about making your own website, do it!!! It's so much fun to express yourself creatively!!

I've gotten into sewing! Sort of. I want to really try making more, but it's been too hot, and I can't have both my fan and my sewing machine on at the same time.

I really enjoy gaming! I've been gaming every since I was little. I had a gameboy nano, and then a DS, and it just went from there! I really enjoy MMORPGs, I used to play TERA all the time. Nowadays, I play FFXIV almost exclusively. I like other games, though! Risk of Rain 2 is a current favourite. (If you want to know, I almost only play Mercenary)

I should talk about art too! It's my job, and it's my main love in life! It makes me feel happy and calm. I love experimenting too! I think it's boring if you stick to one art style forever.

I had a big long thing about being queer here, but I've moved it into the Pride section on this page!

And I guess as a last note, I have autism and I'm very much silly! Let's have a fun time, ok? Have fun exploring my website!

Blinkies, Stamps & Other
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A pixel stamp. A pixel stamp. A pixel stamp. A pixel stamp. A pixel stamp. A pixel stamp. A pixel stamp. A pixel stamp.

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!


Lesbian is such a comfortable term to me. This is one of the few identities that I'm 100% in - I know that I love women. In terms of how it relates to my gender, if I could, I would also use the term "Lesbian" to describe it! Or Dyke. Or Sapphic. I just really love women, and my love of women is what makes my gender non-conforming.


I like the word "non-binary". I like it when people call me a girlboss, or when people call me a little guy. Sometimes, I like having a big chest - sometimes I really don't. It makes me happy to know that I don't 100% have to fit into the gender binary if I don't want to! One more thing; if you have a problem with me identifying as both a lesbian and non-binary, then perhaps you should educate yourself on queer history.


It's nice to call myself trans. Though, I don't really want to stick anything else to it (like transfem or transmasc) because while I've always sort-of identified with my agab - there's times where I feel like I'm being forced to 'perform' as something I'm not. Honestly, if I could, I'd go on T; but only if I could pick and choose what I wanted. Either way, the trans community feels very dear to my heart. It's comforting.


I have PCOS. That's all there is to this, really. I do have a feeling that a lot of my dysphoria and gender questioning comes from being intersex - which is a good thing and a bad thing! I have trouble being like "oh, THIS is what made me non-binary as a kid" because I really never had that moment. Being intersex gives me that moment, you know? I dunno, it makes me feel like I'm not being silly about all of this.


There isn't much to this one either. If someone asked "are you queer?" I'd respond with a "yes".