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This is a little page for my FFXIV WoL, Myuri Nohn! I started playing FFXIV back in Heavensward, on the 27th of November, 2016. I've been playing almost consistently since. I wanted a page to write about them, so here it is! FFXIV is one of the most important games ever to me, and I've spent maybe too much time playing it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading about my funny little cat-thing!

General Information

Myuri Nohn.
  • Full Name: Myuri Nohn

  • Pronouns: They/Them

  • Age: 21

  • Race: Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te

  • Gender: Non-binary

  • Orientation: Lesbian

  • Main Jobs: Arithmetician (Scholar, Black Mage)

Myuri Nohn is a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te who hails from Gridania. They travel around Eorzea, painting landscapes and people that they come across! They journey with their partner, Muffin, a Sponge Silkie. Myuri has an affinity for arcanum, and has an interest in Nymian magicks.

Myuri's Job is Arithmetician. They use a combination of the geometric and mathmatic teniques for their arithmetics, with assistance from their Faerie companion. Most of their magicks use the tactic of targeting an enemy based off their strength (in LVL), then using Sacred Soil to contain the magicks. This way, if both the enemy and the ally are the same strength, the magicks don't also hurt their allies. Myuri would describe their magick as "a mixture of thaumaturgy, Nymian intelligence, and a little bit of math!".


Myuri stands at a short 155cm (5'0"). They have a soft, chubby body type, with pale skin. They typically have their medium-length rose gold hair tied up into a ponytail. They have two matching eyes, both a light purple shade. Their nose has a dusty gradient. They have 10 white-coloured markings, 5 on each side; 2 on their forehead, and 3 on their cheeks. They have two, fluffy ears on the top of their head, and an equally-as-fluffy tail.

Reference sheet to be added!


Myuri is a very scatterbrained individual. They always have hundreds of thoughts swirling around their head, and they find it very difficult to get all of their ideas out. They carry a large tome with them - a spot to write to at least lighten the mental load. They are passionate for their knowledge of magicks! They love to ramble about Nymian magicks to anyone who's willing to be patient and listen. Myuri is a natural tactical leader, and finds joy in it. They also have a big soft spot for anything cute and round!

Myuri's biggest weakness is their inability to accept defeat, in any form. Even if it's something little - such as losing a game of Triple Triad - it will absolutely haunt them. A single loss in a combat scenario will weigh heavy. Their thirst for knowledge comes from a deep insecurity of not being seen as intelligent.


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