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This page is for Jupiter, a semi-active character for Lancer. They're currently an NPC in my girlfriend's campaign, but they were my main pilot in a previous one! Jupiter was an interesting character to use; midway through the campaign I got fed up with how un-vocal they were and did a rewrite. I like how they've ended up.

General Information

Jupiter Scottson (Past).
  • Full Name: Jupiter Scottson (née Galileo)

  • Callsign: JG

  • Pronouns: They/Them

  • Age: 29 (past), 34 (present)

  • Race: Human, White

  • Gender: Non-binary

  • Orientation: Demisexual, Bisexual

  • Mech: Ganymede (Metalmark)

Jupiter Scottson (née Galileo) is an ex-GALSIM Lancer pilot. Currently, however, they run an orphanage with their wife, Molly Scottson. They no longer actively pilot a mech - too busy with children! They still find enjoyment in helping Molly with her work when possible.


Jupiter is a tall person, standing at about 173cm (5'6"). They have an average body, with sickly-pale skin. They have long, fluffy, ash blonde hair. Jupiter's right side of their body is slightly translucent due to their Subjectivity-Enhancement Suite. Small, aqua blue cables can be seen running through their veins. They have heterochromia; their right eye is an aqua blue, their left a bright red.

When they were younger, Jupiter wore a tight white bodysuit, with bright red leggings. Currently, Jupiter wears much more comfortable clothing; typically baggy and light. Jupiter always wears a necklace with the Jupiter symbol (♃).


Jupiter began as a mute and emotionally dead person; however, after the BASILISK attack did they regain their memories. Jupiter became a very... edgy, but silly sort of person. They had a very high opinion of themselves; that they were the coolest person ever.

After fleeing Veldrynn, Jupiter mellowed out a little. They still like to be silly from time to time, but they have returned to being a little more serious. They're constantly busy with their adoptive children. As a parent, Jupiter prefers to be stern but kind. They treat children with respect; they are just people who don't know much about anything yet, and it's up to Jupiter to help them learn!


Their parents met and worked at a base on Jupiter; hence their name. Jupiter spent most of their adult life working at GALSIM. They were hired for their expert skill and knowledge of the human mind, and the capabilities of such. However, Jupiter grew wary and tired of their work. A heavy guilt weighed on their conscience, and so, they wanted to quit. Someone like Jupiter, however, cannot quit so easily. The next thing they remember is waking up on Veldrynn, unknown of who they are outside of their name. A husk of their former self, Jupiter could only communicate in short and direct sentences.

On Veldrynn did they join the Argus Pioneers. While Jupiter could only remember their name; they still kept an innate ability to pilot a Mech, and so they secured work there. Another person who worked for the Argus Pioneers - Molly - quickly became Jupiter's closest ally. Molly found Jupiter to be endearing, despite their inability to hold much of a conversation. They dated and were going steady until a certain mission...

During a combat mission, Jupiter was left, nearly dead, in their mech. An enemy pilot - a Gorgon - fired a BASILISK projection directly into Jupiter's field of view. It sends Jupiter into a coma for a few days, and when they wake...

Jupiter remembers everything. Their time at GALSIM, their attempt and failure to leave, Veldrynn, the Pioneers... and Jupiter is angry. Angry, especially at Molly. They felt that they had been taken advantage of.

Weeks passed, and Jupiter felt conflicted. They had time to think, and to process everything that happened. They felt guilt about how they pushed Molly away. They felt angry about how she was oblivious to Jupiter's state. But happy that, she accepted them regardless. Jupiter slowly warmed up to the idea of at least being friends with Molly once more. Eventually, the two start a relationship again, after a tense combat scenario that was nearly life or death. Molly had felt that this might be the final mission they'd ever have together. Molly needed to know how Jupiter felt.
Jupiter admitted their conflicted heart, but they understood that Molly never meant harm.

Months later, after fleeing Veldrynn with Molly, did the two arrive on Stiva-3...


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