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This page is for Estelle Linne, a now-retired Lancer character.

General Information

Estelle Linne.
  • Full Name: Estelle Linne

  • Callsign: Electryone

  • Pronouns: She/Her

  • Age: 19

  • Race: Human, Black

  • Gender: Cis Female

  • Orientation: Lesbian

  • Mech: Sagittarius (Lich)

Estelle is a Lancer pilot, born on the planet Zunu F7 to an ex-noble, Donnie Linne, and a technician, Etch. She grew up heavily sheltered - mostly due to her mother's outlaw status. While her parents were away, Estelle would sneak off to work on weapons or small machina. One day, her parents discovered a weapon she had made. She confessed her dreams of leaving and becoming a Lancer pilot. Her parents allowed her to leave, and the rest is history.

However. Estelle was stuck in a timeloop. A prophet from many years passed, Estelle had sent herself into the future to prevent the "Shadowlord" from fusing everyone into mechs. It was later revealed that her mech, Sagittarius, was the first person that this was done to.


Estelle is a very short and round woman, standing at 150cm. (4'9"). She has dark, freckled skin, with dark brown curly hair. Her hair is typically tied into two braids. Her two eyes are a pinkish-brown colour.

She wears a fancy outfit, comprised of a corset and frilly bloomers. She wears a yellow cloak. Many stars adorn her outfit.

Later in the campaign, Estelle lost an arm protecting someone.


Estelle is a nice, pure-of-heart person. They were polite and posh. They were a natural leader.

Estelle was however, haunted by her past. When a timeloop would fail, and Estelle would die, she would be sent back to the past to re-do everything again. In some loops, she would remember everything. In others, they would end before she could. In the final loop, Estelle did remember everything. She was relieved; finally, she could live her life fully, in peace.


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