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This page is for Donnie Linne, a now-retired Lancer character.

General Information

Donnie Linne.
  • Full Name: Donnie Linne

  • Callsign: Psykhe

  • Pronouns: She/Her

  • Age: 20 (Past), 44 (Future)

  • Race: Human, White

  • Gender: Cis Female

  • Orientation: Straight

  • Mech: Eros (Emperor)

Donnie was born into the Linne noble family. The Linne family ran multiple factories on the planet Zunu F7. Donnie, the only heir to the family, was treated as royalty. She attended a high-prestige combat school, and while there, met a NHP known as Freya. The two quickly became best friends over her semesters there. When Freya was recycled; she didn't understand why her friend no longer recognised her.

She questioned her parents, but recieved no response. Donnie didn't accept that, and upon finding out about OMEGA and their treatment by Harrison Armory; Donnie knew what she had to do. She stood against her upbringing, and joined the Horizon Collective.

The Linne family, however, profited from Harrison Armory stock. Having the heir of the family go against core beliefs was unheard of. Donnie had to be unwritten from the family name and silenced, permanently.


Donnie is a short woman, proud of her height of 150cm (4'9"). She has light skin, and a very lithe body. She has dark brown hair, tied up into two pigtails. Donnie typically wears poofy skirts and tight corsets. Donnie is missing all 4 of her limbs - all of which have been replaced with holograms. She rarely covers her hologram limbs, and adores showing them off.


Donnie is a loud and confident person. She is always in the right (to her, at least) and isn't afraid to say it. She never accepts no for an answer.

Donnie easily gets in over her head, and is prone to overlook simple answers in favour of what she thinks is correct.


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