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This page is for my current Lancer pilot, Billie Tae-Gloria! My girlfriend is the one hosting this campaign. Billie has been a lot of fun to play so far! My previous characters were all decently mature, so I wanted someone very immature and emotional to RP as.

General Information

Billie Tae-Gloria.
  • Full Name: Billie Tae-Gloria

  • Callsign: Red

  • Pronouns: They/Them

  • Age: 15

  • Race: Human, Hispanic

  • Gender: Non-binary

  • Orientation: N/A

  • Mech: White Knight (Orchis)

Billie Tae-Gloria, 15, is a Lancer pilot from the moon Stiva-3; a moon of which resides on the edge of the universe. Their parents were folk heroes on Stiva-3. Their mother, a pilot. Their father, an engineer. Tragedy struck however, when an attack on the city rendered Billie an orphan. They were soon adopted by two Lancer pilots, who set up an orphanage on the moon.

Billie was inspired to become a Lancer pilot due to their parents influence.

Since joining the Pony Express, Billie has made quick friends with all the other Lancers present. On a mission, they found a mysterious orb. Nicknamed "Hope", Billie carries them everywhere in a hand-made crochet bag.


Billie is a short teenager who stands at about 158cm (5'1"). They have a small frame with medium-tanned skin. They have short, fluffy brown hair with an undercut. Their two round eyes are both a matching shade of brown. They have a mole under their left eye. Due to a fire in their early childhood, the left side of their body has burn scarring. They lost their left arm due to the same fire; now replaced with a robotic arm.

Billie is never seen without their red scarf - which originally belonged to their mother. They typically wear baggy clothes.

Reference sheet to be added!


Billie is a happy-go-lucky person, who makes quick friends with those around them. They're laid back and easy to talk to. While Billie pretends to be mature for their age; they are a highly emotional person. Billie is fast to emotionally outburst - typically, in tears. Billie suffers from pyrophobia due to the death of their parents. They are slowly learning to handle it.

They have a love for tinkering with mechanics - mostly computers and mechs. They also have a secret hobby of crochet, and would die of embarassment if anyone else found out. They also enjoy journalling.


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