Legacy Buttons

Here are all the buttons I've used! Please only use the latest version of my button.
(No issue if you haven't gotten around to updating it yet though!)

Oct 31 2023 ~ Recent

A button for nonkiru.art! Light version. A button for nonkiru.art! Dark version.
I wanted a pair of buttons that use my current fursona, which is a kitty! I also wanted two versions; one for each of my website's themes.
Feel free to use the one you like more!

Nov 24 2022 ~ Oct 31 2023

A button for nonkiru.art! Old version. A button for nonkiru.art! Made by arunyi.
I used this button for nearly a year! I'm pretty proud of how it looks still, so I don't mind seeing it everywhere still.
The small button was made by my friend, Arunyi!