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Hello hello, world wide web adventurer!! (❁´◡`❁)
Welcome to my little website on the internet! I'm known as nonkiru, and it's nice to meet you. I hope you have a nice time exploring my site! You can either use the navigation to the left, or use my sitemap.

Most of the art and code on this site was made by me, but anything else will be credited here!

Notice! This website currently has a Web14 rating.
Partial nudity on the 2023 Gallery page.


7 December 2023

Added more art to my 2023 gallery.

29 November 2023

Added more art to my 2023 gallery.

22 November 2023

Added my 2022 gallery.

20 November 2023

New blog post! Just about my week.

16 November 2023

Some new artwork.

11 November 2023

Updated A Retrospective Into FFXIV ⁑ Endwalker Savage because I cleared the tier.

09 November 2023

Added a RSS Feed. New blog post ~ Read here!

08 November 2023

Removed freezeframe.js. It made my website look bad, gifs saved from it were being saved as the frozen version, it didn't work on any page that needed to load... I just really disliked it. Hid the button wall behind a details menu. Also changed the Art 2023 page with thumbnails & fancybox. Should load faster & nicer now!

06 November 2023

Big update! Added the OCs directory for my OCs! Added Myuri Nohn, Billie Tae-Gloria, Jupiter Scottson, Estelle Linne and Donnie Linne. Also added a silly cursor trail. Also added back Resources.

01 November 2023

Updated Myuri's page with a short post. Added some more pages to Links.

29 October 2023

Very big update! Updated the layout pretty significantly. Pixels are now x1, font is a bit smaller, general layout is different, navigation links now have custom icons, and more!

28 October 2023

Removed the Weblisting/Webring page because some of them broke when I moved them, and I really didn't want to have to contact the webring owners to fix my links, so...

23 October 2023

Updated the FFXIV and Myuri page.

21 October 2023

Added a Microblog.

20 October 2023

Added freezeframe (the GIF play/pause) function. It's enabled by default. Also split the Links page to now have Webrings/Weblistings seperate due to long load times. I know what webring is causing it, but I can't do anything about it.

18 October 2023

Created the FFXIV page. Added new art to the 2023 Gallery page.

14 October 2023

Added new art to the 2023 Gallery page.

12 October 2023

Added new art to the 2023 Gallery page, and added a new webring (pending). Also added back the Layouts page and the Cheesecake Layout page.

11 October 2023

Finished the Art page and added the 2023 Gallery page.

10 October 2023

Added a lace border and some other .css adjustments.

09 October 2023 #2

Fixed the header looking weird on mobile and added the Blog page.

09 October 2023

Hello, new website! I'm officially back on Neocities. I managed to deploy this via Github and I'm really proud of myself for that! This is also my first finished SSG site. I'm really happy right now!

05 ~ 08 October 2023

Started work on this layout.

To-Do List

  • Make an RSS feed.
  • Hide the button wall under a drop-down.
  • Update the blog, FFXIV, and microblog layouts.
  • Finish the about page.
  • Finish the blog page.
  • Finish the art page.
  • Add a button to pause all gifs/moving elements, or to remove them.
  • Blog page, for blogging!
  • Make some shrines!
  • Make a webring? For something?

Latest Blog Post

Little Moments From My Week

20 November 2023

Hi friends! I was really in the mood to write, but I wasn't too sure what to write... so I wanted to write about my week! I think it would be fun if I could make this weekly, or maybe even monthly... or just when I feel like it, I suppose! Besides, I need more stuff to write about.

Minecraft by Myself, and with my Girlfriend

By Myself

I've still been working on my Minecraft world! It's been going great; my last blog post left off on day 30, and now I'm all the way at day 100!

To continue where I left off...

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