23 December 2023

Hello friends! I'm back with another ramble about my week. Though honestly, this is closer to about a month... I'll keep this preramble short and sweet ~ so umm. Yeah!!


So over this last """week""" (more like a month I am a liar!!) I've gotten into archery! My dad bought himself a longbow and I really wanted to try it out, so I did! Um... turns out, when the bow is the same length as your height (155cm-ish), and has a draw weight WAY above your strength (35lbs) it... turns it into a bit of a struggle...

I kept trying it though! I was really getting into it, and it was so much fun. It was, however, really frustrating that a lot of my form issues couldn't be properly fixed. I couldn't draw it back properly because it was too heavy of a draw AND it was too long for me.

However, for Christmas, my parents surprised me with my OWN bow!

A picture of a recurve bow against a bed.

Sorry that it's a bit hard to see against my bed...

It's been SO much fun! My form is actually correct now! This is also been the most exercise I've gotten for like, 3 years. It's been making me feel a lot more alive. It also makes me wanna draw my fursona with a bow...

Getting Back Into Wizard101

I swear I can't stay away from this game! They recently had free Membership during the 12 Days of the Spiral, so I decided 'oh why not!!'.

I should not listen to the Devil on my shoulder. I have been addicted ever since!! I also roped two of my friends into playing it with me.

Anyway, its been tons of fun! I left off in the beginning of Lemuria, so I'm currently working on finishing that world up. I'm on the last zone of Lemuria now! I've been soloing everything with a few exceptions. I don't know if I'll be able to also solo the final fight, but I'll give it a go. Soloing on Life isn't... terrible? But it's also a very slow way to solo.

Otherwise, I've been helping my friends with gearing and getting gold! My dream is to farm endgame gear with them. I have horrible social anxiety in THIS game specifically, so I haven't really done much on my main...

Finishing up Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

I got this game back when it came out (2019...) as a birthday present from my Mum. I finished Spyro 2 almost as SOON as I got it; as that's the game I grew up with! I started Spyro 3, and then picked it up again after about a year. I finished Spyro 3 soon after that, and then I just... didn't touch the game for a while? I remember I started Spyro 1 at some point, but this week I picked it back up to finish it fully.

Spyro 1. 120% completed. Spyro 2. 100% completed. Spyro 3. 117% completed.

I've collected all Skill Points and all Steam Achievements, as well as collecting all the in-game stuff! I'm really proud of myself, Spyro is my favourite game series EVER!! (One of my usernames as a child was a reference to Spyro!!)

One of these days I really wanna 100% A Hero's Tail. I remember playing that one with my parents a lot, too! I'd also like to fully finish The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. Fun fact, I named one of my childhood cats after Cynder! (My parents spelled it Cinder, but shhh. Baby me knew the truth.)

Presents and Crafting

One of my dear IRL friends gifted me some stuff for the Holidays!

Box of a 3d bookend and a little figure.

(Sorry for blurring out my monitor. I don't want you reading my Discord messages!!)

She got me a 3D bookend (that you need to assemble yourself, like a puzzle!) and a cute little dragon figurine. This is my first time ever putting something like this together, so I was super excited about it!

The inside of the 3D bookend's box.

It's at this moment, however, that I got a little nervous. That's a LOT of pieces, and looking through the manual didn't help! However, I was confident to succeed!

Part of the built 3D bookend - looking in, this is the left side.

If you're looking in to the book, this here is part of the left side complete. This is also how my desk looked over the next 3-ish days when I was working on it! This is where I had stopped for Day 1; I had to eat dinner and do some raiding in FFXIV.

Almost finished left side of the 3d bookend.

This is the state of the left side at about 75% completion. It's missing the top of the roof and a few smaller details!

Almost finished right side of the 3D bookend.

Bit of a jump here - this is the right side mostly completed. I believe this must've been cut slightly wrong, because I had MASSIVE issues with trying to fit the tower into the holes here! It did all work out in the end, but I had to sand down quite a few edges... If you look close here, I also forgot 2 pieces on the upper floor - the middle walls, specifically. I only noticed it was I finished the entire bookend and went. Huh. Why are there still pieces here.

Finished 3D bookend, with the lights turned on.

Oh my goodness. Wiring this thing was SO scary. I was so afraid that, when I turned it on, it was gonna explode or something!! But no, I did it all perfectly!! It turns on and all the lights are so pretty... I love the little wooden cat and girl, they're so cute! This was such a fun project to put together, and it took about... 10 or so hours over 3 or so days, which writing that down, makes me seem kind of pathetic LMAO. But it was a lot of fun, even if I struggled a lot with it!

Whenever I look at the bookend, it makes my heart feel all warm and squishy. I am loved.

Anyway, that's it from my week (even though its more like a month...)!

Thank you for reading, and keep safe out there. I love you!
- nonkiru